Places to Sail

Below is a map of places that I have either sailed, or would like to try out as a place to put in. My favorite location so far is the state-run ramp near Moraticco, VA (number 6 on the map). The ramp puts you in a creek that leads to a small bay which the empties out into the larger Rappahannock River. If the river or even bay are too windy, then the creek makes for a nice relaxing cruise. It’s certinaly a nice place to go when one if first starting to sail solo. It’s also rather scenic.

The two spots near Mobjack Bay might be interesting. I think those will be my next destinations.

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  1. Gloucester Point
  2. Gloucester Courthouse
  3. Water View
  4. Newport News
  5. Wake
  6. Morattico
  7. Mathews
  8. Hampton
  9. Surry
  10. Reedville
  11. Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge