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Skink Controversy

So here’s the deal: I’m not sure if the pictures I have of skinks are of Broad-Headed or Five-Lined skinks, or perhaps both. I had originally categorized the light brown skinks as Broad-Headed and then later changed my mind thinking that their heads weren’t big enough. Now, after having looked at the Virginia Herpetological Society’s website and counted the scales on at least one of the pictures, I’m thinking that the light brown skinks are indeed Broad-Headed skinks.

Deep Bottom Park

On a cool and overcast day, the water levels in the James and Four Mile Creek were extremely high. While it wasn’t the best day for wildlife viewing, it was good enough. Just as we were turning around to head back to our car, a Prothonotory Warbler popped out of the bushes. It hung out for a minute or two at a distance of probably 8 feet! We got some really nice shots of him at that range.

We also saw a Blue Heron use his outstretched wings to block the glare while he was hunting for some fish. I hadn’t seen that in person before.

Alas, we saw no Eagle this time.

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