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Deep Bottom Park

On a cool and overcast day, the water levels in the James and Four Mile Creek were extremely high. While it wasn’t the best day for wildlife viewing, it was good enough. Just as we were turning around to head back to our car, a Prothonotory Warbler popped out of the bushes. It hung out for a minute or two at a distance of probably 8 feet! We got some really nice shots of him at that range.

We also saw a Blue Heron use his outstretched wings to block the glare while he was hunting for some fish. I hadn’t seen that in person before.

Alas, we saw no Eagle this time.

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First Landing State Park

This was our second outting to First Landing and a spur-of-the-moment trip. Our first time at the park was spent kayaking and camping in the southern and northeastern parts of the park. This time we hiked through the marshes in the northwestern section; specifically the Osmanthus trail. The hike got off to an excellent start. We weren’t five steps into the trail when Stephanie looked down and saw a bullfrog just hanging out. As we were looking at him, we heard some birds and snapped a couple of shots of a Great Crested Flycatcher; got some nice shots of his yellow belly. The terrain was mostly flat making for an easy hike that was short enough that we could stroll through and take our time. Another highlight was tracking down and photographing a couple of Little Brown Skinks. I had that guy on my wishlist for awhile and finally got to cross him off. It took awhile to get a nice shot of one as they were very small and quick to run away. But patience paid off and Stephanie was able to spot and coax a couple of them out. The hike, with our leisurly pace and frequent stops, lasted a few hours.

After heading out of the park for a quick bite at a near-by Japanese reasturant, we drove down the the southern section of the park where we kayaked during our first visit. We didn’t spend too much time here as it was getting late, cold, and windy. Thankfully we found a couple of gems right out of the gate. Before we even made it to the parking lot, I noticed a white bird perched on a tree. I pulled over onto the side of the road and whipped out my camera thinking it was saegul or an ordinary egret. As it turned out, it was Snowy Egret! I hadn’t seen one of these before and we don’t have any back home. We continued down the road and proceeded to head out on a short hike. Again, just a few feet into our hike, I noticed something from the corner of my eye. I turned and saw an Osprey taking off from his nest. I was able to get off a couple of quick shots before he was gone and his mate recessed into their nest. We were hoping to find another Green Heron, but no luck; just a Black Vulture. That said, it was overall a very productive and enjoyable time.

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